We challenge you to play 

The Game

Turn up, take part, get points!


Playing The Game is easy and fun!
Simply turn up, take part in one or more of the exciting activities on offer each day in our Drop-in Clubs and get rewarded with points.
The more points you get, the higher the chance of winning The Game.*

The Game VI - March - May 2022

The Game is a partnership involving Fuse, Connect Community Trust, The Pavillion, Glasgow Kelvin College, Innerzone, The Connie and The Calvay Centre and is funded by The Scottish Government’s Investing in Communities Fund.

Who can take part and how?

Any Pavillion Minis, Junior or Senior Club member can play - find out how to become a Pavillion member today.

Just start attending the daily Pavillion Drop-in Clubs, take part in one of the many fun activities on offer every day, and start collecting points!

Why play The Game?

  • Compete with other members for a chance to win points 
  • Have fun playing with friends, or even make new friends
  • Learn new skills
  • Take part in fun activities such as cooking, fitness, digital skills, arts & crafts, music and much more



The Game is currently running its sixth competition - points can be collected every day** between Monday 14th March 2022 until Saturday 7th May 2022.

Young people will be competing in either the Minis (P1-P3), Junior  (P4-P7) or Senior (S1-18) category, with prizes for the young people with the highest points, second highest points, and third highest points in their category.

1st Place   

Prizes worth up to £100 for young person with the highest points!

2nd Place   

Prizes for young person with the second highest points!

3rd Place   

Prizes for young person with the third highest points!