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Shettleston: Our History 2

Thank you for your interest in our History Learning Pack.

The Learning Pack grew out of a history project in our local area of Shettleston (“our History 2”). The main part of this involved young people researching their local heritage and then scripting and producing the “Shettleston Legacy” short film, which is one of the resources contained in the pack. We anticipate that viewing of the film will be the stepping off point for most of the learning activities contained in the pack. We developed this further into the “Our History 2” exhibition at Fuse and we have included examples of the photographs that we used for this as well as our Shettleston Heritage Trail leaflet.

Whether young people live in or near Shettleston, or anywhere else in Scotland, we are sure that the material and learning ideas in here will be of great value in helping young people to understand the history, heritage and culture of their local area and will help them explore and evaluate many different sources of information and evidence.

We hope that you and those you work with have as much fun, and learn as much, as we did!

The Young People, Staff and Volunteers

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