Peer Wellbeing Programme

The aim of this programme is to create a safe space where young people can develop their physical and emotional well-being. Young people are facing intense difficulties in the modern world, ranging from body image vulnerabilities to complex interpersonal relationships, which has been continuously highlighted by our club attendees.

Early intervention will allow for conversations around mental health to be normalised, increase the overall wellbeing of our club members whilst encouraging them to live a more fulfilling life. Please see attached report highlighting the importance of early intervention for young people’s mental health.

The Peer Wellbeing Programme will be youth-led, and thus workshops will be based on the current issues being faced by young people such as schoolwork or sexuality. Putting immediacy on current issues will allow for attendees to achieve better physical, mental, and emotional well-being.

With our senior club members approaching the working world, this programme also offers future prospects for attendees by developing them into peer mentors and offering volunteer opportunities within the club. Peer mentors will offer direct support to our younger club users, developing activities for club sessions whilst also supporting staff, thus, developing their interpersonal skills, emotional intelligence and readiness for life after school.

Programme Activities

Our young people are integral to the development of activities for the Peer Wellbeing Programme. We constantly evaluate what 'works' within sessions to ensure we are delivering messages in a comfortable and fun way for the young people attending. In our junior and mini sessions, we have created mental health art pieces including the 'Wellbeing Garden' and the 'Worry Monster' which encourage conversations around topics such as coping mechanisms, relationships, and anxiety.

In addition, with the knowledge that our young people love competitive activities, we have adapted games around confidence, such as the 'Negative Thought Balloon Popping Activity' into team races to keep everyone's energy high.

We are proud to have a weekly boys and girls group for our senior members within the Pavillion, as part of the Peer Wellbeing Programme. These groups explore important life issues and offer a safe space for young people to reflect, challenge and plan for the future.

Using different delivery methods such as debates, games, anonymous surveys and cooking classes, we are able to approach any issue that comes up with a pro-active delivery.

We have regular team building days to encourage the bond of attendees to continuously grow, with the aim of progressing to a residential trip later this year.

Positive Highlights

We have many 'lightbulb' moments within the Peer Wellbeing Programme. Moments when an issue that has been overwhelming a young person finally seems that bit smaller. We are so proud to be supporting our young people in this process. During the COVID-19 pandemic, our young people have managed to adjust to sessions on zoom at a quick pace. We believe this is due to the strong bond already created in sessions within the club.