Senior Club

The Senior club at Pavillion is intended for those between their first year of high school all the way up to 18 years of age. 

The club runs every Monday, Wednesday and Friday between 6:30-9:15pm. It also runs on a Saturday night between 6-9pm.

The club costs 50p per club with a tuck shop available throughout the session.

Here at the senior club, we offer our young people a wide range of activities from a fully functioning IT suite provided by Glasgow Kelvin College so they can wind down and relax on their favourite social media platforms, do their school projects and play their favourite games at their own leisure and convenience.

Arts & crafts to give them their creative reign, gardening to help us out in designing our land we even offer sports activities and things like science experiments, raspberry pi to enhance their computer skills.

We have a lot of unique opportunities our young people can take part in or just leave them to their own ideas, why not come on down and see for yourself!